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Your benefits at Uniklinikum Erlangen

What we offer


The greatest benefit for you is a fulfilling job and a high level of job satisfaction. You’re sure to find something to suit! We are well aware that the complete package has to be right if you are to come to us and stay here over the long term. As an employer in the public service, we do all we can to provide the framework that best suits you. With optimum working conditions and our working time models we ensure that your professional and private life remain in balance. And we have a lot more to offer! Read on to find out more.

Find out all about the benefits we offer:

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Benefits at the workplace

Meaningful and essential

Working with us is more than just a job, you make a valuable contribution to society. All staff at Uniklinikum Erlangen are key workers whose work is vital for the smooth running of our society. What could be more worthwhile?


Crisis-proof and future-oriented

Uniklinikum Erlangen is crisis-proof and future-oriented - which means our jobs are too. We are an economically sound organization with a strong financial basis and long-term plans. We plan our investments to benefit our organization and our staff.


Working at the cutting-edge of medicine

With us, you can experience first-hand how our researchers, who enjoy an international reputation, conduct excellent medical research. Their findings form the basis for the various unique and pioneering treatments we offer.


Working at the cutting-edge of technology

As a hospital providing supramaximal care located at the heart of the Medical Valley EMN, we benefit from the best technology currently available in the medical sector. You can be sure that you will always be working with the latest technology, some of which is even available to us before it is launched on the market.


Highly-modern research location

We stand for cutting-edge patient-oriented research and profit from close partnerships with a number of research institutions in our direct vicinity. The short distances from research to clinical application is what makes us stand out and contributes to our success.


Award-winning quality

Top quality is the standard we live up to. We perform excellently in all areas. We have made a name for ourselves, and have received several awards in recognition of our achievements. As a hospital, but also as an employer and a training organization.


Remuneration according to collective bargaining agreements

At Uniklinikum Erlangen, your pay is decided on the basis of collective bargaining agreements (TV-L/TV-Ä). You know from the outset exactly what you will earn and how your salary will progress over time, and you benefit automatically from regular pay rises.


Occupational pension scheme

It’s never too soon to start thinking about your retirement. We work in partnership with the largest supplementary pension insurance provider, Versorgungsanstalt des Bundes und der Länder (VBL), to offer an occupational pension scheme to our staff employed under collective wage agreements.


Equal opportunities

Equal opportunities are an important consideration at Uniklinikum Erlangen, which is why we consult with the Staff Council, the Disability Liaison Officer, Officers for equal opportunities for women in science and the arts and the Equal Opportunities Officer to ensure equal opportunities for all at the workplace.


Flexible working

Uniklinikum Erlangen offers a number of possibilities for adjusting your working time to suit your current circumstances. Some areas offer flexitime and the various areas offer different staffing plans. Naturally, you can also choose to work part-time if that is the best option for you to balance your work and private commitments.


Working from home

Most of our employees work in patient care, or have to come in to work due to the technology or procedures required for them to do their job. However, there are still areas within Uniklinikum Erlangen where it is possible to work from home.



The children of our staff want to be well cared for. In cooperation with the FAU Family Service we offer a wide range of services, from daycare places, to emergency childcare or childcare during school vacations. We can help you make sure that your children are well cared for.


Support caring for relatives

It is always a major challenge when someone in the family requires care. We will not leave you alone, we will do all we can to help. Our occupational health advisors and the FAU Family Service are on hand to help with anything from providing advice to organizing emergency care.


Generous vacation allowance

Your vacation allowance is stipulated transparently in our collective bargaining agreements (TV-L, TV-Ä). If you work 5 days a week, for example, you are entitled to at least 30 days annual vacation, additional vacation days are stipulated in the collective bargaining agreements depending on your specific job.


Benefits with prospects

Welcome package

You need to pack your bag well when you set off on a new adventure. For this reason, our new employees are given a UKER welcome bag when they start their journey with us, packed with useful information and the current issues of our staff magazine “ampuls” and our health magazine Gesundheit erlangen.



Starting out is easier when you’re not alone. Our Executive Board welcomes you on board in our onboarding event for new staff, held on two fixed dates per year. During the event, which is offered to staff from all different professions, you find out all you need to know about Uniklinikum Erlangen and your own specific workplace.



Our staff portal keeps our staff up to date with everything going on at UKER. Our staff can use the portal to discuss the latest news and requirements openly with each other. The staff portal gives you all the dates, documents and information you need for your work.


Staff portal

Our staff portal keeps our staff up to date with everything going on at UKER. Our staff can use the portal to discuss the latest news and requirements openly with each other. The staff portal gives you all the dates, documents and information you need for your work.


Training programs for professional development

Research means progress and progress means change. Our staff have a pivotal role to play in this process. Our training for professional development is tailored to take the needs of our staff and the requirements of the various areas into account.


Learning together for the future

There is always room for improvement! We always welcome ideas or suggestions for improvement, and reward the best with a bonus. In addition, our reporting and learning system (CIRS) helps us learn from near misses across the institution.


Benefits for travel

Good transportation connections

Whether you come from Forchheim, Fürth or Nuremberg, Erlangen is located very conveniently at the A3 and the A73, and is easy to reach by car or public transport. It only takes a few minutes to walk to the hospital from the train station, or you can take one of the free hospital shuttle buses.


Ride-share app uRyde

The mobility app uRyde is available free of charge to all staff at Uniklinikum Erlangen. With just a few clicks you can offer and book a ride spontaneously and flexibly in real time. This helps you save fuel and protect the environment at the same time.


Living in and around Erlangen

Accommodation in and around Erlangen can be hard to find. We have an internal accommodation exchange where our staff can advertise their private apartments or post an advert if they are looking for somewhere to live. If you are lucky, this might be where you find your new place to live.


Benefits for your wellbeing

Excellent catering choices

Our staff restaurant, the Palmeria, offers an award-winning, reasonably priced lunch menu. You can also grab a bite to eat from one of our kiosks or choose to have a meal at one of the many other eating places in the vicinity of the hospital.


Staff pharmacy

Our pharmacy offers professional advice and has a wide range of products in stock, including seasonal products and cosmetic articles generally found at pharmacies. The items can be ordered by click & collect via the staff portal.


Promoting health

Health is the greatest asset anyone can have, and our staff are no exception. Uniklinikum Erlangen offers all staff a wide range of services and campaigns aimed at preventing disease and promoting our staff’s health. As well as services offered by our Academy for Health Care and Nursing Professions, we have also negotiated special terms at local gyms.


Occupational Medical Service

Our Occupational Medical Service is your partner for occupational health services. They carry out medical examinations, give vaccinations and advise you on any individual questions you may have concerning health-related issues at your workplace.


Occupational safety

Together with occupational safety specialists, we create safe and functional workplaces by recognizing and avoiding dangers, stress and strain wherever possible. This also helps ensure the positive development of all our operating procedures.


Benefits and perks

Generous discounts

You can make great savings with our corporate benefits, and a wide range of discounts are available from local partners who would like to express their appreciation for the work of our staff. Whether you are looking for cosmetic articles, services, a bike or even a car, you can be sure to find a bargain.


Attractive metropolitan region

Erlangen belongs to the European Metropolitan Region Nuremberg and offers a very high qualify of life. Spend time in the countryside, enjoy culinary variety, experience art and history at first hand or get out and explore the region with the EntdeckerPasss.


Staff events

No matter how busy we may be, we still find time to have fun. Alongside our joint outing to the Bergkirchweih beer festival or traditional events held in our individual institutions, many of our staff still have very good memories of our staff party held on the occasion of our 200 year anniversary and attended by prominent guests. We certainly won’t wait another 200 years before organizing another party!


Working at UKER

Outstanding patient care, award-winning research and teaching and cutting-edge medicine is what defines us, Uniklinikum Erlangen We have a clear objective in our sights and are dedicated to do all we can to reach it: carrying out the many and varied tasks of a hospital providing world-class supramaximal medical care.

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Our application process

Have you found a vacancy you’re interested in? Excellent! Now you need to know what to do next. We have summarized the most important points to give you an idea of what steps you can expect when applying to us at Uniklinikum Erlangen.

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