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Hospital administration at Uniklinikum Erlangen

Background organization


Who else works at Uniklinikum Erlangen other than doctors, nursing staff and other colleagues from the health care sector? Who takes care of recruiting and paying staff? Who ensures that the technology that is vital for patient care is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year? Who is responsible for the purchasing and logistics of materials and services? Who manages medicinal products required in a hospital that offers comprehensive care? Who answers any legal questions that may arise? Who ensures compliance with legal requirements? And last but most certainly not least, who is responsible for ensuring that Uniklinikum Erlangen remains a solvent undertaking? That is the responsibility of the nearly 800 members of staff involved in our hospital administration.


“Our hospital administration does its bit every day to ensure that our patients can make a full recovery thanks to new, at times pioneering, treatments, at the same time as enabling research to flourish in Erlangen. Our Uniklinikum Erlangen is in a strong economical position and we are not obliged to generate dividends. All of that gives us a good feeling about our work. I am always happy to welcome new members of staff who are motivated to help us carry out the wide range of tasks we are responsible for.”

Dr. jur. Albrecht Bender, Commercial Director

Hospital administration – an introduction to our team

In our hospital administration, we cover the entire spectrum of expertise required to manage and operate our organization from a commercial and technical point of view. We offer a wide range of interesting job opportunities and our staff are well qualified in their specialist areas. Each and every day we play our part in contributing to the success of Uniklinikum Erlangen by ensuring the smooth running of an organization where outstanding medical performance and progress are the order of the day.


In order to ensure optimal collaboration between administration and the clinical areas, our hospital administration has a matrix organizational structure. The Commercial Directorate is part of the board of management at UKER and is supported by four strategic departments. Four other specialist departments – financial management, facility management, materials management and human resources – ensure the smooth running of all commercial and administrative aspects of our Uniklinikum Erlangen. That apart, there are ten clinical departments that take care of the various matters relating to our clinics, independent departments and institutes.

The key to managing our organization is ensuring an exchange of information across the various professions, as we have set out in our guidelines. We have modern working places and work in accordance with the latest standards.

Hospital administration is a fixed component of quality management at UKER. We work with quality goals and process descriptions. We regularly conduct internal and external audits to check the effectiveness of our quality management system, and derive measures for improvements in quality based on our findings.

Strategic departments in the Commercial Directorate

With their expertise, our strategic departments support our commercial director in carrying out and monitoring his many and varied tasks. The strategic departments are the point of contact for everyone across Uniklinikum Erlangen whenever any questions arise relating to their specific area of expertise.


By carrying out audits, our staff monitor and control internal processes, compliance with legal requirements, internal guidelines and instructions, and ensure operations are run economically. These audits support the Board of Directors in its supervisory function. By continually improving the internal control system, our staff ensure that procedures are carried out correctly and our assets are safe. In the area of commercial risk management, they work closely together to assess risks and measures throughout the whole of Uniklinikum Erlangen. Finally, the team is responsible for the annual risk report.

In the area of compliance, this department works on various compliance topics, answers questions, and offers courses in avoiding breaches of rules and aimed at raising awareness among UKER staff. They draw up administrative rules and monitor the tip-off system. They are also the central contracting authority for Uniklinikum Erlangen.

Our legal experts deal with all areas of medical and hospital law. They are the points of contact when it comes to doctor’s liability, drug and medicinal product law, social and administrative law, and criminal law. They are responsible for following up claims in court proceedings with respect to statutory and private health insurance and vis-à-vis those responsible for paying themselves. They are also involved in finding solutions for increasingly legal issues relating to medical controlling and quality management. Finally, they are the points of contact for everything to do with contracts and are responsible for drawing up our many research contracts and partnership agreements.

Our medical controlling staff department is responsible for the documentation of medical performance and DRG reporting. Our staff are responsible for checking the audits carried out by our cost-bearing institutes and are involved in the relevant payment negotiations.

Our staff department for organizational development strategy and implements methods and elements from the area of organizational development within our hospital administration. They coordinate our interdisciplinary projects and provide advice and support to our project managers. Taking a standardized approach enables the control and transparency of project management within the hospital administration.  The team provides advice on methods for planning and implementation in matters concerning reorganization or process optimization. They are also responsible for continuing to use and improve UKER’s quality management system within the hospital administration. Finally, this department is responsible for providing information on our structure and continuing to develop it further.

“My role involves recognizing compliance obligations, identifying risks and avoiding undesirable developments. Taking a critical approach at all times to the structures and processes within our organization and advising management and staff in compliance issues can be challenging and demanding in equal measure.”

Hubert Treske, compliance officer

Specialist departments at UKER

Specialists from a wide variety of areas take care of finances, facility management, material procurement and human resources at Uniklinikum Erlangen. The various specialist departments are split into teams that each focus on one particular area.


Business administration and controlling (Fb)

Our team is responsible for centralized controlling at Uniklinikum Erlangen. Our staff are responsible for internal reporting and payment negotiations with health insurance companies and are involved in calculating flat-rate payments for patients applicable across Germany. They are the first point of contact for decentralized controlling in our organizational units. They also have a number of varied special tasks aimed at addressing all business-related issues at UKER.


Accounts (Fc)

Our staff work in the traditional areas of accounting such as booking assets, accounts payable, and accounts receivable. They chase up late payments and manage collection measures and payment transactions. Our team is responsible for drawing up all monthly, quarterly and annual accounts, and is therefore the direct point of contact for auditors at Uniklinikum Erlangen. With respect to value-added tax and income tax, the team produces the relevant tax declarations and carries out liquidity management to ensure that Universitätsklinikum can cover all its costs at all times.


Patient affairs and remuneration (Fd)

Our staff settle accounts with health insurance companies and other cost-bearing institutions for all services Uniklinikum Erlangen provides with respect to patient care. This includes settling accounts for inpatients and outpatients, as well as taking care of private billing for our head physicians. Our staff are also responsible for the administrative formalities that arise when treating foreign patients. They draft procedural guidelines for decentralized patient admissions and for methods of settling accounts.


Research funding (Fe)

Our staff cover a wide range of tasks relating to third-party funding and financing our research and teaching. They are involved in obtaining approval for the necessary funding from third-party funding organizations. They are also involved in looking after finances for our research projects for the entire duration of the project. With respect to internal research funding, they are responsible for tailored funding measures for researchers at all levels of their career.

Our facility management department covers a wide range of areas, including the specialist departments of planning and site development, mechanical engineering, energy management, electrical engineering and technical operational management.

Our staff are responsible for the procurement and management of virtually all commodities for  Uniklinikum Erlangen 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ranging from advanced technical medical equipment such as MRI scanners to simple consumables such as toilet paper. They are also responsible for ensuring that the necessary support services such as daily cleaning are carried out and that our staff and our patients are provided with good, healthy meals. This team ensures that services run smoothly, equipment is operated safely and materials are managed effectively across our organization. Their guiding principle at all times is to ensure that all staff and all patients at UKER are provided with the correct goods and services on a daily basis, at the right place and at the right time, in the required quality and quantity and at the best possible price.

You would fit in well with our team if you are open to tackling the many and varied challenges this exciting but challenging area of responsibility poses and if you enjoy getting to grips with commercial tasks such as these. You are most likely to be successful if you take a flexible and yet determined approach.

Personnel support (Pc, Pe, Pn)

Our personnel support team takes care of all human resources activities from when staff first start out at UKER until they leave, in particular drawing up employment contracts for our staff. They are the points of contact for staff and management for all issues regarding employment, collective bargaining or public service law.


Human resources budget and position management (Pb)

Our staff draw up personnel cost analyses and deviation analyses for human resources management. They log monthly personnel costs and draw up calculations if the legal framework for staff remuneration changes. They also calculate projections for future payroll costs and calculate which sums are required for human resources in the annual financial statement in consultation with auditors.


Working time management, staff organization, user support (Pf)

Our staff are the points of contact for everything to do with working hours and absences. They create ID cards for staff and guests with all necessary codes and settle travel expenses for journeys for the purposes of university business or continuing education. The team is also responsible for user support for the personnel data system at Uniklinikum Erlangen and for our working time management, staff planning and employee self-service systems.


Human resources development, human resources marketing (Pg)

Our team is responsible for the systematic and strategic structures behind human resources development at Uniklinikum Erlangen as a whole. In human resources marketing, we aim to boost the reputation of Uniklinikum Erlangen as a major and attractive employer and are responsible for the content of all human resources marketing measures.

“After completing commercial training I was in charge of the secretary’s office of one of our nursing managers. I am currently completing training as a certified business administrator and have been working in Human Resources since July 2022. I can apply the knowledge I have learned and expand it further by taking on new tasks.”

Celine Herr, human resources officer

Clinical administrative departments at UKER

Our ten clinical departments remain in close contact with our patients and our clinical facilities, as our offices are literally next door to our outpatient clinics, diagnostic facilities and the offices of our ward managers. Our interesting and varied areas of work offer many options for interdisciplinary collaboration.


Our clinical departments are independent areas within the hospital administration and support the medical directors and the heads of the departments, independent departments and institutes at Uniklinikum Erlangen with all matters relating to the economic running of operations. They deal with decentralized financing, consult with the clinical areas on proposed construction measures, draw up applications for initial equipment and commission maintenance work for building infrastructure. Their remit also includes preparing and implementing partnership agreements and different forms of reporting.

The assistants provide organizational support and expertise to the heads of each of the clinical administrative departments. Their tasks range from inspecting order requests from organizational units to checking incoming invoices and creating and maintaining statistics. Our assistants generate monthly and/or quarterly cost reports and send them out to the various specialist departments at the different organizational units. They are also responsible for settling accounts for services based on external partnership agreements and specific services which patients have to pay for themselves. The assistants also process any claims for damages, consulting with the affected wards, departments, and our legal department.

Our staff are responsible for the admission of inpatients, outpatients and day patients. They are the first point of contact and are there to help patients fill out forms and agreements. They clarify who is responsible for paying for treatment in each specific case. Other tasks include checking invoices and registering births and deaths with the registry office. In some areas, our patient admissions team is also responsible for additional tasks such as arranging appointments, preparing for consultation hours, invoicing and managing patient records.

Our staff in the housekeeping services are mainly responsible for cleaning services. They have a detailed knowledge of circumstances in the various rooms used for research, teaching and patient care, as well as special areas that require special cleaning. Our staff are regularly in contact with our hygiene specialists, ward managers and the relevant managers at external cleaning companies. They conduct spot checks of cleaning quality and keep track of complaints. They also maintain the registry of rooms and update descriptions of services for our ward services and regular cleaning services. Using this as a basis they prepare tender documents for contracting external services. Finally, they are also responsible for certain special tasks specific to each individual department.

The mail room is a key component of the infrastructural backbone of our university hospital. This is where incoming and outgoing mail is dealt with, ensuring the flow of information internally and externally. The mail room is also responsible for all special forms of mail deliveries as well as printing and packaging services. Our staff support and advise the various organizational units at Uniklinikum Erlangen on all matters concerning mail services. This also covers the organization of special forms of dispatch or delivery in order to meet the dynamic requirements of our university medicine. Flexibility is key, as sensitive and time-critical deliveries such as blood and tissue samples require special solutions. The mail room is responsible for implementing any special agreements and for communicating with external service providers. Other tasks include invoicing delivery charges, digital invoice processing and sending invoices to health insurance companies.

For some payment transactions it is beneficial for patients if they have someone they can speak to directly. For this reason, Uniklinikum Erlangen has set up a main cash desk and a further cash office that are assigned to two individual special departments. Our staff process the various incoming and outgoing payments and book them in the SAP system. During opening hours they also accept any lost property and make an effort to find out who it belongs to.

“Our clinical administrative departments are the generalists at Uniklinikum Erlangen. We liaise between the hospital administration and the clinical areas and are their point of contact for all administrative matters. We support the heads of our clinical institutions in running their operations economically and taking business-related decisions.”

Corinna Schmid, clinical administrative officer in Department 4

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