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Intensive care in neurology and neurosurgery

Our main focus


We are the intensive care ward for the Department of Neurology and the Department of Neurosurgery. With respect to the Department of Neurology, we care for severely ill patients following hemorrhagic or embolic strokes and patients with severe autoimmune or inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system. We also care for patients with refractory epileptic seizure disorders as well as disorders of the peripheral nervous system or neuromuscular transmission.

With respect to the Department of Neurosurgery, we monitor patients in the first few days after major surgery. We also specialize in early diagnosis and treatment of functional disorders in the brain and spinal cord caused by craniocerebral or spinal injuries, intracranial bleeding or inflammation of the central nervous system or the spine.

“As a ward manager, I am a great believer in regular individual performance reviews during which we have enough time to discuss certain matters in detail. The member of staff often leaves with a specific goal, perhaps to apply for continued professional training or to become involved in a particular working group, for example. I always look forward very much to our team building events such as our summer party, the Christmas party, the Bergkirchweih in Erlangen, or a motorbike or canoe trip.”

Markus Prinz, ward manager

What to expect as a member of the nursing staff on our neuro-intensive care ward

It is very important to us that we provide our patients with the greatest possible benefit. Bearing this in mind, we have developed our own unique movement concept especially for positioning and mobilizing our neurological patients. We in the nursing team also initiate our own specialist projects and you are able to take part in internal training courses or become involved in our internal working groups.


  • Simple and advanced hemodynamic monitoring
  • Invasive and non-invasive ventilation treatment using the most modern ventilators
  • Endovascular hypothermia
  • Various kidney replacement procedures
  • Inserting tissue probes to measure cerebral pressure
  • Continuous monitoring of brain waves

If you come to work for us you will be working together with a prize-winning team who were awarded the Bayerischen Gesundheits- und Pflegepreis 2019 (Bavarian Prize for Nursing and Health Care 2019) for their innovative “voice weaning” treatment concept. In addition, a number of our colleagues regularly share their expertise at national and international nursing care conferences.

“My place of work at the neuro-intensive care ward is modern and highly interesting, as we are able to offer a wide spectrum of treatments. The two areas of specialization mean that my job is always exciting and varied. We are a forward-looking and motivated team who always do our best to offer patients the best possible care based on the latest knowledge and most up to date findings. Everyone contributes their personal strengths to the team.”

Jasmin Lehmann, specialist nurse for intensive care/anesthesiology

“I enjoy working on the neuro-intensive care ward, as you can manage your time flexibly and provide individual care to the patients on the ward. Working in a multi-professional team ensures that you never stop learning and always gain inspiration for your work. You are never left to cope with challenging situations on your own, you can rely on there always being expert support on hand whenever you need it. The close collaboration within the team often leads to close friendships, which I wouldn’t like to be without.”

Michaela Haug, nurse

"I work as a nursing assistant on the neuro-intensive care ward. My work is extremely varied. As I work as a stand-in, I come into contact with very many different patients. I help with basic patient care, as well as with positioning and mobilizing patients. I learn a lot thanks to being part of a large team with many different skills. I am also responsible for organizational tasks. This variety is what makes the work here so interesting for me.”

Sabrina Runge, nursing assistant

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As one of the largest employers in Middle Franconia, we are at the cutting-edge of medicine thanks to our more than 9,600 highly qualified employees in a wide spectrum of different occupations. Our joint success hinges on appreciation of each other’s work and a good work-life balance.


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Outstanding patient care, award-winning research and teaching and cutting-edge medicine is what defines us, Uniklinikum Erlangen We have a clear objective in our sights and are dedicated to do all we can to reach it: carrying out the many and varied tasks of a hospital providing world-class supramaximal medical care.

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