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Notes for applicants to Uniklinikum Erlangen

Further information on our job vacancies


As an employer in the public service, we offer job security you can rely on. Taking the interests and rights of all applicants into consideration is not only our legal obligation, it is also one of our main concerns. The following notes are therefore an integral part of our calls for applications. If you have any questions, please contact Dezernat Personalwirtschaft (our human resources department).


Submit your application quickly and easily via our online application portal

Have you found a job vacancy that you like the look of? Excellent! You can apply directly via our online application portal and set up a profile if you like. This allows you to keep all your data and documents safely in one place, and you can tailor your application to suit the job you are applying for. At the same time, it helps protect the environment by saving paper. The link for your application is included in the call for applications.

If you have any questions about the vacancy, please contact the person mentioned in the call for applications.

Notes for applicants with disabilities

Applicants with a disability will be given preference, provided their aptitude, qualifications and professional achievements are essentially the same. The Disability Liaison Officer at Uniklinikum Erlangen is automatically informed by law when an application from a person with disabilities is received and is entitled pursuant to Section 178 (2) SGB IX (German Social Security Code IX) to attend job interviews for the position in question if applications are received from people with disabilities. Please explicitly state in your application if you do not want the Disability Liaison Officer to attend your job interview.


Gender equality

Section 6 (1)(3) Bundesgleichstellungsgesetz (Federal Equal Treatment Act) stipulates that women should be specifically encouraged to apply for areas in which they are under-represented.


Part-time working

Most of the positions we advertise can be considered for part-time working, unless stated differently in the call for applications. If you have any questions, please contact the person mentioned in the call for applications.


Information on data protection

We take the protection of your privacy seriously. We take care to ensure that your data is protected in accordance with legal provisions. Our data protection policy gives detailed information about how we treat your data. 


Required vaccinations for staff at Uniklinikum Erlangen

The overriding priority at Uniklinikum Erlangen is the health of our staff and our patients. In order to protect the health of both these groups as well as possible, there are certain vaccines that we require you to have before working in certain areas at Uniklinikum Erlangen. The following table gives an overview of what is required where. Please do not hesitate to call our human resources department on +49 9131 85 34700 or +49 9131 85 36483 if you require any further information.


Required vaccination In all areas of Uniklinikum Erlangen In areas involving direct contact with patients In the operating theater In catering
Measles x x x x
Chickenpox   x x x
Mumps x x x
Rubella x x x
Hepatitis B   x  
Hepatitis A   x

Working at UKER

Outstanding patient care, award-winning research and teaching and cutting-edge medicine is what defines us, Uniklinikum Erlangen We have a clear objective in our sights and are dedicated to do all we can to reach it: carrying out the many and varied tasks of a hospital providing world-class supramaximal medical care.

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Our application process

Have you found a vacancy you’re interested in? Excellent! Now you need to know what to do next. We have summarized the most important points to give you an idea of what steps you can expect when applying to us at Uniklinikum Erlangen.

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