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Intensive care in pediatrics

Our main focus


On our intensive care ward we care for patients of all ages, from newborn infants to young adults. We provide intensive medical care for them following on from any number of different types of surgery. Some of our patients have cardiac disease, or present with conditions relating to neuropediatrics, oncology or nephrology. We take care of children and adolescents with metabolic diseases and assist in invasive procedures for which the patients have to be sedated. We are also responsible for providing first aid in the case of burns or scalds.


What to expect as a member of the nursing staff on our intensive care ward in the Department of Pediatrics

Our ward is characterized by the wide variety of conditions we treat. Our patients are often in an extremely critical condition. This requires the highest degree of sensitivity on our part both in providing care and when dealing with parents and relatives in these difficult times. This works particularly well thanks to the positive atmosphere in our team and the excellent way we work together. Our staffing plan takes the needs of our staff into account, we do not have a fixed shift system.


  • Extended hemodynamic monitoring (CVP, invasive BP measurement, CO, ICP)
  • Invasive and non-invasive ventilation methods
  • Mechanical circulatory support or heart replacement systems for children and adolescents (IABP, ECMO, Berlin Heart)
  • Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (VV-ECMO)
  • Kidney replacement methods using hemodialysis or CAPD
  • Plasmapheresis and leukapheresis for immunological and oncological patients
  • Monitoring the functioning of the nervous system (EEG, cerebral pressure)
  • Phototherapy for newborn infants
  • Hypothermia treatment

Helping ill children and adolescents, comforting them and giving them strength is a very fulfilling task. To ensure that we continue to offer a high standard of care and to prepare you as well as possible for your daily work, we have developed an onboarding concept lasting at least three months involving mentors and a trainee program. Our pediatric emergency and simulation training takes place in a specially designed simulation room. The work in our team and the excellent sense of community we share does not only make our day to day work easier, it is also a key feature of the quality of care we provide in emergency situations. The genuine sense of being part of a team is the defining feature of our ward.

“I started on our ward directly after finishing training, and I have since completed training as a specialist nurse for intensive care/anesthesiology. In 2018 I qualified as a nursing instructor. I really enjoy this combination of giving practical training on our ward and teaching at our Academy. I am passionate about passing on my knowledge and being involved in helping my young colleagues reach their full potential, and proud of my job.”

Liesa Baumgarten, specialist nurse for intensive care/anesthesiology and nursing instructor

“Work on our intensive care ward is defined by the variety of conditions we treat. The children and adolescents vary greatly in age, adding to the variety of our work. My specialist training and my work experience have given me a much deeper understanding of my work. That is especially important when caring for seriously ill children and adolescents. It gives me the confidence I need. I belong to the working group “Emergency and simulation training” that is currently designing a concept for expanding our emergency and simulation training”.

Maximilian Kaiser, specialist nurse for intensive care/anesthesiology

“There is something very refreshing and rewarding about working with children. I love helping my little patients and seeing how they benefit from having me close to them. I enjoy the variety in my work and the fact that it is often challenging. It is a privilege to be able to work in one of the few pediatric heart centers in Germany. I find supporting our medical and nursing staff and experiencing our surgeons at work first hand fascinating and very exciting.”

Michaela Valentin, nursing assistant

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