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Energy management at Uniklinikum Erlangen

Monitoring technical supply systems 


Our specialist energy management team currently has 16 members of staff, who are responsible for monitoring technical supply systems for clinical operations 365 days a year. Using building control systems, they ensure that systems are automatically controlled, and are the point of contact and responsible for coordination in the event of any technical faults. In addition, the team constantly monitors energy consumption at Uniklinikum Erlangen.


Building control systems

Our building control systems are used to monitor and control the various automatic systems in the modern buildings at Uniklinikum Erlangen. The building control systems team visualizes the relevant technical processes within the building and monitors the smooth running of the technical systems required for ensuring reliable patient care. Building control systems also act as a user interface to automated building systems. With our modern building control systems we meet the growing demands of building automation at Uniklinikum Erlangen. Our team is also responsible for managing electronic access controls.


The team is in charge of automated building systems, the network and the servers required for building technology at Uniklinikum Erlangen and they work to ensure as high a degree of availability as possible. The staff repair, inspect and maintain the relevant technical systems. They continually optimize the network and implement the requirements the software and hardware are expected to meet.  Our team is involved in all renovation and construction works at Uniklinikum Erlangen. This includes planning and projecting, as well as activation and 1:1 data point tests for information points.

Control Center

The Control Center is the first port of call for any technical emergency or fault at Uniklinikum Erlangen. It is staffed around the clock, 365 days a year, and is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of all technical systems required for reliable patients care.


The Control Center monitors all supply systems and technical building systems using building control systems and the relevant monitors. Incoming error messages, emergency calls or alarms are received, documented and assessed by the Control Center. The Control Center ensures that the necessary measures are taken to avoid damage or to return all technical and structural components to their required state.

Energy management

Our energy management team monitors energy consumption at Uniklinikum Erlangen with a system incorporating approximately 1,000 devices for measuring energy consumption in order to detect any potential for saving energy across Uniklinikum Erlangen. The team records and evaluates consumption and draws up energy reports and consumption analyses.


The team’s responsibilities include managing the procurement of power, heat, gas and water by checking contracts and invoices from our energy suppliers and reporting figures to determine which EEG reallocation charges and electricity taxes are due.

Our team is involved in the energy management audit pursuant to DIN EN ISO 50001 by preparing for and following up on the relevant internal and external audits.

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