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I have found my plus: a career at Uniklinikum Erlangen.

Join us to help make the world a little better


Plan your career with us. As a well-established organization in the health care sector, we offer you the best prospects for your future career and job security you can rely on. With over 9,600 members of staff, we are one of the largest employers in Middle Franconia, and we are still growing. Join us in our quest to provide patient care at the cutting edge of medical science. Everyone who works with us has their part to play in us continuing to make medical progress and advancements, promoting the wellbeing of our patients. We are confident that you will find a job with us that fits you perfectly, and benefits others as well.


Working at Uniklinikum Erlangen has a number of benefits.


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Working at the cutting-edge of medicine

Meaningful and essential

Career prospects

Advantages of a collective bargaining agreement

Our culture at UKER

We have devoted ourselves to medical progress and providing health care for more than 200 years now. As a hospital offering supramaximal care for decades we have a lot of stories to tell and achievements to show. Get to know us as an employer and find out more about the topics that move us and motivate us as a university hospital and as an employer.

Working at UKER

Living in Erlangen

What are the benefits of living in Erlangen? A good social environment, varied culture, good transportation connections, breathtaking scenery, international and Franconian cuisine, many different employment opportunities and our outstanding medical infrastructure. Erlangen is not only a city, Erlangen is a home. It is a good place to live and an excellent place to work.

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Current vacancies

Are you interested in working at Uniklinikum Erlangen? Then you are in the right place! Browse through our current vacancies and find the job that suits you. It’s worth keeping coming back to check, as our vacancies are updated on a daily basis.

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Working at UKER

Outstanding patient care, award-winning research and teaching and cutting-edge medicine is what defines us, Uniklinikum Erlangen We have a clear objective in our sights and are dedicated to do all we can to reach it: carrying out the many and varied tasks of a hospital providing world-class supramaximal medical care.

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